Point Base System Visa

Tier 1
1. Exceptional talent
2. Entrepreneur
3. Investor
4. General
5. Graduate entrepreneur

Tier 2
1. General
2. Minister of religion
3. Sportsperson
4. Intra company transfer

Tier 4
1. General
2. Child
3. Student visitor
4. Child visitor
5. Prospective student

Tier 5
1. Temporary worker – creative and sporting
2. Temporary worker – charity workers
3. Temporary worker – religious workers
4. Temporary worker – government authorised exchange
5. Temporary worker – international agreement
6. Youth mobility scheme

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The firm predominantly deals with migration to the UK; specialising in the niche area of Point Base System covering Tiers 1 -5, dealing with Business Visa and Student Visa.

The Firm also has experience in successfully handling applications of Family and Dependants; and Appeals.

With the recent changes in the immigration rules a number of applications have been rejected. Therefore it has become increasingly important that the right immigration advice is sought. Here at Regent we will assist you all the way with your application and guide each step of the way.

Please contact us directly if you have any further questions.