Tier 4 General Student

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We deal with:
– Applications to enter the UK as a student;
– Applications to extend or remain in the UK as a student;
– Applications to move from one college / university to another;
– Applications from students where their previous college has closed down.

Coming to the UK as a student

* The immigration permission to come to the UK is called leave to enter. You will need to obtain this before coming to the United Kingdom.
* You make an immigration application with attached documents in order to prove to the immigration authorities that the following criterion is made out:
* If you wish to study in the United Kingdom, you must be able to show that you have been accepted on a course of study at an institution that:

· Is on the Tier 4 register of sponsors; and
· has issued you with a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) Number.
· You will also need to show that you have enough maintenance funds (money) to fulfil the UKBA requirements.

Extending your immigration stay as a student

* If you are in the United Kingdom you can apply to extend your stay as a student. This is called obtaining leave to remain. You need to show the same as above.

Please note that the immigration authorities require student applicants to apply for a “biometric immigration document”.

* Please contact our experienced immigration lawyers for more assistance with this.

Immigration for students – A final word

* As is well known the UK benefits from heavily from the immigration and presence of foreign students. We endorse the words of Lord Justice Sedley in OBED (& Others) in July 2008:

* “Before we turn in detail to our reasons, it is relevant to recall that the admission of foreign nationals to study here is not an act of grace. Not only does it help to maintain English as the world’s principal language of commerce, law and science; it furnishes a source of revenue (at rates which, by virtue of an exemption from the Race Relations Act 1976, substantially exceed those paid by home students) of frequently critical budgetary importance to the United Kingdom’s universities and colleges as well as to many independent schools. We therefore find it unsurprising that the legislation and rules, correctly construed, do not place arbitrary or unnecessary restrictions on what foreign students can study here. It does not require evidence to remind us that it is not uncommon for a student to realize that he or she has made an unwise choice, or perhaps is being poorly taught, and to change courses or institutions with beneficial results.”

Tier 4 Child Student

* The UK Immigration authorities allow for child as well as adult students to come to the UK.
* The Tier 4 (Child) category is for children coming to the UK to be educated at independent fee paying schools. also known as private schools).
* The age limit for this category is 4 years old at the youngest age and 17 years old at the eldest age. It is only children between 4 and 15 years of age that must be educated at independent fee-paying schools, rather than state funded schools.
* Otherwise, Tier 4 holders in the Child student category cannot study at publicly funded state schools.
* The only publicly funded education providers that can teach Tier 4 (Child) students are publicly funded further education college which are able to charge for international students.
* Applicants must be able to make out the maintenance requirements as well as having a CAS (a confirmation of acceptance of studies)
* Please contact our leading visa and immigration lawyers for more advice.
* Amongst immigration lawyers, barristers, or solicitors, we are confident to provide professional, honest, and the best immigration legal service for our clients from local or around the world.

Student Visitor

* A wide variety of other industries and purposes are covered by business visitors, if you are in one of the following categories and wish to travel to the United Kingdom as a business visitor, please contact our experienced immigration lawyers.

· Academic visitors (academic visitors, under the immigration rules, can stay here up to 12 months, if more time is needed then that needs to be applied for from outside the United Kingdom). This includes visiting professors accompanying students programmes for study abroad · Doctors taking the PLAB test at one of the centres in the United Kingdom, PLAB stands for professional and linguistic assessment board.

· Doctors and dentists attending for clinical attachments and observations respectively.

· Film crews on location shoots only, they need to be employed or funded by an overseas company.

· Employees from news media organizations, these organizations need to be based overseas and the employees payment must originate entirely from the overseas organization.

* Religious workers undertaking limited preaching and pastoral work. This must be part of a wider business trip (to attend a meeting or conference, for example), they need to be based abroad and not be taking up an existing post.

· Secondees from overseas companies.

· Interpreters who are being brought to the UK to provide services to organizations based primarily outside the United Kingdom.

· International companies can bring existing foreign based employees to be trained in UK work practices, to trouble shoot, train in company practices or consult, as long as this does not amount to on the job training for a permanent position in the United Kingdom.

* As can be seen, business visitor positions are largely to fill as specific one off work or business need. If a wider ranging position is needed, or a longer period is needed, then other parts of the immigration framework, including the points based system, usually Tier 1 should be used. Our experienced immigration lawyers can advise on this.

* Amongst immigration lawyers, barristers, or solicitors, we are confident to provide professional, honest, and the best immigration legal service for our clients from local or around the world.