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The United Kingdom has always sought to attract high net worth individuals to the UK, with London being a particular beacon for the global wealthy. The Investor Visa specifically targets those exclusive group of wealthy individuals who are content to make a significant financial investment as well as look to relocate themselves and their families to the UK.

Why Choose Regent for your UK Investor Visa Application?

* Very few immigration firms have a consistent track record in Investor Visas. We do.

* Regent dedicated team has experience in assisting high net worth individuals in re-locating to the UK or visiting to manage their investments. The team is run by professionals, who have consistently advised the global wealthy on migration issues for a number of years.

* Our experience in this field is well known

Our bespoke service includes

* Strategy and Planning
We carefully review each case to identify if the UK Investor Visa is the best option.

* Confidentiality
We lawfully manage the amount of financial information you give to the UK Government, to protect your sources of income.

* Discretion and Convenience
Aside from welcoming you to our Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad and UK offices, we can see you at any convenient venue for you: at your private offices, home or at a third party office or private member’s club.

* Consolidated Advice
We work with large Private banks to ensure that you obtain a complete service, we liaise with your financial advisors and check every investment that you intend to make and approve the product from the immigration law perspective.

Where tax implications arise, we work with tax advisors to develop focused strategies in an increasingly intricate resident non-domiciled environment.

* Visa Management
Once the visa is granted, our services can be retained to manage the visa aspects of the investment alongside your bankers, financial advisors and tax representatives.

* Timing
We use up to date project management techniques to ensure that the application and all other factors work together so the application fits in with your busy life.

* Language
We have a number of languages spoken, including Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Urdu and others.

* What next ?
Contact Regent for a confidential and no obligation consultation. Regent will develop an action plan for you. If needed we can arrange introductions to Private Banks and Tax Advisors at the first appointment to ensure seamless advice to you.

What Investments are permitted?

Once the visa has been granted and you have arrived in the United Kingdom, you will be expected to meet the following requirements:
* Invest 75% of the original sum shown (ie 750,000) in either:

(a) UK Company Loan Capital; or
(b) UK Company Share Capital (also known as shares); or
(c) UK Government bonds

* You must maintain that 75% investment for the entirety of the 3 years. The investment maybe in either of the 3 above, a combination of investments in the above and can change across the 3 years. The minimum level of investment must be maintained.

The exceptions are:
(a) No investment in property or property management;
(b) No investment in open ended investment vehicles;
(c) No investment in shares purchased on margin;
(d) No simple deposits made into UK Banks;
(e) No investments outside the United Kingdom.

The remaining 25% must be maintained in either:
(a) Cash on deposit in the United Kingdom; or
(b) The unmortgaged part of residential property in the United Kingdom; or
(c) Any form of investment in the United Kingdom; or
(d) Any combination of the above.

How do I obtain residency early?

* Accelerated Settlement
* As is well known, indefinite leave to remain as an investor is normally gained 5 years after initial entry.
* In certain circumstances, you may apply to settle in the UK early. The timescales for obtaining indefinite leave are:

(a) £1 million shown, and 750,000 invested, you may apply for Indefinite Leave after 5 years.
(b) £5 million shown and 3, 750,000 invested you may apply for Indefinite Leave after 3 years.
(c) £10 million shown and 7,500,000 invested you may apply for Indefinite Leave after 2 years.

* Gaining Nationality
* If you would like to apply for British citizenship you may spend on average no more than 90 days outside the UK each year, and no more than 90 days outside the UK in the 12 months before you apply for citizenship.
* Your family will gain citizenship and before that permanent residency when you do in nearly all circumstances.
* The rules for Nationality are currently under review. Current Nationality is granted after 6 years on the Investor Visa.

Investor Visa Conditions

* Investor Visa Applicants are permitted to bring spouses and children under 18 into the UK as dependents.
* These dependents will get permanent residency at the same time as the main applicant if they qualify.
* Main applicants and Dependents must remain in the UK for 180 days per year if they want to obtain permanent residency.
* Applicants and Dependents can work, study and undertake business in the UK whilst they are on the Investor Visa.

UK Investment Visa

* The UK Investment visa is for high-net-worth individuals who want to make a large financial investment in the UK (at least £1,000,000).
* Regent specializes in the UK Investment Visa and is able to manage the entire process of getting this status in the UK, regardless of your nationality.

* The features of the visa are:
(a) In order to meet the requirements for the Investment visa you must have money of your own, under your control, held in a regulated financial institution and the money is disposable in the UK
amounting to no less than £1 million.

(b) Once the visa is granted and you are inside the UK, you must invest at least 75% of the minimum requirement (i.e. £750,000), this must be invested within the following three categories: UK
Company Loan Capital, UK Company Share Capital (also known as shares) or UK Government bonds.

(c) However the exceptions to this are:

(i) No investment in residential property or property management of residential and commercial property. Our lawyers can advise on this further and can contact the UKBA to obtain approval of any investments in advance.
(ii) No investment in open ended investment vehicles,
(iii) No investment in margin shares (borrowing the balance after paying an initial amount).
(iv) No deposits/simply transferring the funds to a UK bank account
(v) No investments external from the United Kingdom.

* As you are required not to work in the UK, you correspondingly do not need to show that you have any English language ability, although you will not be restricted from working.

* On initial application you must show some sources of evidence:

(a) An original letter from a regulated financial institution on the official letter head of the institution which is issued by an authorized individual within that institution,
(b) The letter must show details from the 90 consecutive days prior to the date of application,
(c) The date it was written (must be no more than 31 days old on the date of application),
(d) The amount of money held in the Investments,
(e) the beneficial owner of the funds,
(f) That the institution is regulated,
(g) (If the money is held overseas) the money can be transferred into the UK.

* The second evidential document required is a personal bank statement this must display the following:

(a) The bank statements must cover the 90 consecutive days before the date of application;
(b) The bank is regulated and that the letter is an original from that institution and not a copy.

* As many of the applicants, you may want to obtain residency and eventually Nationality after your Investment visa. Residency can be gained as well known after a time lapse of 5 years after preliminary entry. The latter can be gained as long as the applicant has:

(a) spent on average no more than 90 days outside the UK each year,
(b) And no more than 90 days outside the UK in the 12 months prior to applying.

* Your family will also gain citizenship and before that permanent residency when you do in nearly all circumstances. In total Nationality can be gained subsequently after 6 years on the Investment visa.

* Settlement can be speed up if greater sums are invested, if 75% of 5 million is invested, permanent residency can be achieved after 3 years, or if 75% of 10 million is invested permanent residency can be achieved after 2 years