Applying for the Entrepreneur Business Visas using funds of 50,000, for current Post-study work holders

Entrepreneur visa overview
– For PSWholders
– To invest in UK business
– 50,000 pounds to be shown
– Leads to ILR
– Leads to nationality

Entrepreneur Visa- Terms
– Introduced in April 2012
– Terms- UK BA cannot introduce changes
– 3 year initial visa for the United Kingdom
– 2 year extensions
– Indefinite leave to remain
– Nationality to follow
– Must currently on Post-Study work
– Must apply form within the UK

Entrepreneur- Initial Application
– Need to show £50,000
– Need to show funds are disposable in the UK
– Need to show funds are in a regulated account
– Can rely on investment made in the last 12 months
– Can apply as an entrepreneur team
– English language- CEFR level B1 in all four components (reading,writing,speaking and listening / UK degree
– Maintenance- £900 for main applicant and £633 for each dependant for 3 months
– Must have be registered as self employed or as a director within 3 months of application  In an occupation skilled to graduate level
– More than just administrative
– In line with Tier 2 code of practice
– Evidence are required to show graduate level job

Please Note: It does not matter when you originally registered as a director/ self employed But rather that you are still registered in the last 3 months.

Entrepreneur Extentions

– Within 3 years must have invested £50,000
– Created 2 full time jobs in the UK
– Registered in business within 6 month of issue
– Currently be engaged in business activity
– Prescribed Evidence- Audited accounts to be provided as well further evidence of business and its activities

Entrepreneur-What can you invest in?
– No property investment
– No property Management
– Construction is allowed
– Franchise business are permitted
– Business must be based in UK
– Business can be new or investment in current UK business

Business Selection Service
– We have entrepreneur visa compliant businesses
– These are guaranteed profit making businesses
– They will comply with all terms of the visa and will lead to us taking responsibility for all steps up to the point of nationality.

Entrepreneur Dependants
– Spouse- Husband or wife (can be any age)
– Children under 18
– As long as unmarried and not living independent life
– Children over 18- Only where a previous dependant in a UKBA application

The route to Nationality

– 3 years visa first
– 2 years extension
– Indefinite leave to remain
– Currently, nationality 1 year later
– Will add to a long residency period


Applying & Visa Conditions
Q: Can I apply from outside the UK
A: No

Q: Can I work on the visa?
A: No employment but working for your company or contracting with others is ok

Q: Does my company/ self employment needs to be registered within 3 months of applying?
Para 55-iii: You must have been registered as self-employed or a director of a business within the last three month before submitting your application as Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)
A: It does not matter when you became registered, merely that you are still registered in the last 3 months

Q: Can I use money from outside the UK?
A: Yes

Q: Can I use a fix deposit or other non cash-assets such as property to show the money?
A: No, the funds must be in cash

Q: Does the money have to be in my name?
A: No

Q: How long should the money be in the account?
A: No minimum period

Q: Can you show the money for me?
A: No

Q: If I show £50,000 how much must I spend?
A: £50,000 over 3 years

Q: Can I apply with a friend?
A: Yes as long as they are also on PSW

Q: If I apply with a friend how much money do we show?
A: £50,000 Total

Q: Can I do Any business?
A: No, has to be graduate level business

Q: Can I do any job role within my company?
A: No, can not be administrative and must be of graduate level.

Q: How do I know what is a graduate level job?
A: Use the Tier 2 code of practice- level 4 or above

Q: Director is listed as level 6, does that qualify me?
A: No, this is an administrative role, you must provide a graduate level service to the customer.

Q: Can I use my retail/selling/food business
A: No, these businesses are not of graduate level

Q: Can I do a franchise business?
A: Yes, as long as that business is graduate level

How can we help? – Our Services

Initial Consultation
Come to our office or talk to me over telephone/Skype
– Give you a full outline of the visa
– Detail all requirements up until ILR
– Detail the evidence needed
– Assess the evidence you already have
– Advised you on a graduate level business and job role that fits you best
– Deal with any other issues

Our Services

Application Service
– Full documents checklist
– Template for documents and contracts
– On going consultation
– Application form
– Legal covering letter
– Application send off
– Decision Management
– Post visa issues
– Touch down meeting

Our Services- Once you have the visa

On going consultation in regards to documents and compliance

Investment & Business
Sourcing a suitable business for you to invest in  Management service for running your business

Introductions to trusted partners e.g. Accountants  B2B referrals, e.g. Potential clients or collaborators